24/7 Coach


24/7 Coach is our way of sharing training methods that have proven most effective and efficient in our 21 years of training experience working 1-on-1 with VIP clients. Anyone with access to a smartphone can enjoy our training knowledge.

Trying to record fitness data manually or digitally sucks. We recognize that it’s a big pain in the butt. At Minds of Steel, we track everything because it’s how we get better as coaches, and it’s how our clients get accelerated results.

Get this: 98% of people (including personal trainers and group fitness instructors) who exercise regularly NEVER record the date, number of reps, sets, rest period, weight assistance/resistance, distance covered, pace, heart rate, resting heart rate for ANY of their training sessions.

Yes, it’s a lot of information, I know.


You put a lot of effort into your training sessions, but unless you track your progress/lack of progress, all your work and sweat could be for nothing – both analytically speaking and in terms of the RESULTS YOU SEEK.

Minds of Steel has spent nearly three years developing & designing 24/7 Coach – the world’s first digital fitness training management program that leverages INTENSITY, STRUCTURE, and real time ACCOUNTABILITY to improve lean muscle mass and minimize body fat.

Your relevant fitness/nutrition data is managed by strategic, intelligent, and meticulous algorithms to ensure you get your results. 24/7 Coach will let you know immediately if and when you’re slacking off, and will nudge you in the direction of forward moving progress.

Through measurable data, daily communication, and your training preferences, 24/7 Coach assigns you weekly results-based resistance and cardio training sessions to complete.

Your success in hitting the assigned targets or not, dictates the future design of your training sessions.

24/7 Coach currently has users in California, Texas, New York, and North Carolina. If you can log in one time per day to complete your assignment(s) and make notes, you’ll do just fine.

Please contact Founder & CEO Juan Antonio at ja@my247coach.com or text 650.213.2626 to learn about your suitability for the program.