4 Fat Loss Trends That Are Ruining America

by Juan Antonio

Selina Kyle: There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you’re all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.
Bruce Wayne: You sound like you’re looking forward to it.
Selina Kyle: I’m adaptable.

The Dark Knight Rises, charity ball scene (2012)

The management team completed a whirlwind road trip in southern California last weekend:  Los Angeles, San Diego, Newport Beach, Laguna Niguel, Orange, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Inglewood.

We even threw in a visit to Madera in central California for good measure.

We met a bucket load of people all curious about building muscle, losing body fat and anything (and everything) nutrition related.

Talking with all these people, a lot of alarming fat loss myths, techniques and trends kept surfacing. Here are four subtle fat loss trends that deeply concern me…and are slowly, but surely ruining America.

1. Celebrity Pushing

There are a lot of celebrities pushing something fitness/nutrition related. I’ve seen everything from XYZ bullshit “fat burning supplements”, to diet books, to endorsing numerous bullshit fitness products.

This is just a snippet of the landfill I found:


Notice anything?

The majority are trying to get you believe that losing body fat is fast and easy – “6 tips!, 21 days! Just eat 3 foods!

From the bottom of my heart, and from the most intellectual part of my mind: losing body fat is neither fast nor easy.

But it is simple.

Although these celebrities might mean well in trying to help people become fitter and healthier, they’re pushing the wrong f*cking things.

All the suggestions are trying to be a quick fix for immediate results, but “immediate results” only happens on magazine covers or cheesy infomercials.

Did you know that supplements are an unregulated industry?

Oh, you didn’t know that. Now you do. The good ol’ FDA does nothing to regulate supplements.

Anyone with a catchy name, a website and some baking soda can make a “fat burning supplement” in their basement. This snippet from the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster proved it. Please watch the video to see how easy it is to make and sell shitty supplements.

Also, scientific studies repeatedly show that alone, no supplement on earth will work for fat loss.

I’m sure none on mars will work either.

Celebrities involved in this game are failing to realize how much lasting influence and impact they’re having on people.

Take the “Kylie Jenner Lip challenge” fiasco from a few weeks ago. She was just talking about lips. And just on Twitter and Instagram.

Imagine what happens when you’re playing with chemicals that play around in the human body…or are backed by powerful companies with deeps pockets trying to get deeper pockets. Yikes.

For the next celebrity thinking of getting in the game, keep it real: highlight just how much effort, time, focus and dedication it takes to eat nutritious food and train at the gym consistently.

I seriously need to get in touch with Taylor Swift or Dwayne Johnson about 24/7 Coach.

2. Celebrity Personal Trainers Pushing Celebrity Workouts

Here’s another one I keep seeing more and more in the mainstream:

Screen-Shot-2012-06-22-at-2.38.58-PM-640x455 61l8YxS1cKL bb_banner_celinstructor ES1113766_OK4314_cover_ns_1-ns1.pdf

It typically goes something like this, “Jennifer Aniston’s trainer says she does XYZ to get fit and lose fat fast!!!”

113% FALSE.

Just because a specific routine or way of training works/worked for Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston or Ben Affleck, does it mean it will work for everyday people. There are these little factors called genetics, tons of money and fame.

These “celebrity trainers” fail to mention that most celebrities embrace fitness as part of their lifestyle. It’s a part of how they think, act and feel.

When dramatic changes are made as in Ben Affleck bulking up to be the next Batman, “celebrity trainers” fail to mention that celebrities are being paid millions of dollars to show up in tip top shape for the first day of shooting. Their weekend box office numbers depend on it. Their personal brand depends on it. Their careers depend heavily on being fit, lean and strong.

Fame and money are easy things to get you motivated to eat right and train hard.

When was the last time someone paid you $1,300 to exercise and eat nutritious food?

Most people don’t have that luxury…let alone the time or money to train with a “celebrity trainer” three to five times a week.


Ben Affleck on track to being the biggest and “best” Batman to hit the silver screen.

3. High Intensity Interval Training is the Magical Answer

Today, more than ever, every gym, personal trainer, fitness app or fitness book is telling us that “High Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT) is the answer for fat loss.

It’s not.

HIIT has been around for decades. It’s nothing new. Only the vested interested in the concept is new.

It’s gotten popular thanks to the beauty of sleezy marketing and advertising, social media and the digital age we live in.

First we had P90X, then INSANITY, now Crossfit is making it’s way into every major city in America. All these “workouts” send the same message: “let’s just workout as hard as humanly possible to burn fat.”

The problem is 85% of everyday people won’t make it past one week on the HIIT methods. They’re asking too much from people. They go too fast for people who have been sitting on the couch for years watching Mad Men or who haven’t touched a barbell since college.

How can you ask people to do an olympic clean that requires head-to-toe precision when you can’t even do a proper and strict, military-style pull up?

You know what happens when you go too fast, too soon?

You get hurt. It’s just a matter of how, not when. If it’s not a blown out shoulder, it’s a bulging disk. If it’s not a hip, it’s a knee.

Is it really any mystery why exercise injuries are surfacing more and more today?

Just walk into any physical therapy office and talk to people in the waiting room as I have. While accidents involving cars or bicycles are oftentimes involved, a surprising amount of injuries happened while exercising at home or at the gym.

If these serious injuries continue to rack up from people of all ages, what will become of modern society? Even more lower back pain? Even more disability? Even more obesity?

That’s fucking ridiculous.

I don’t know if someone mentioned it, but engaging in exercise is meant to help you look better, feel better and perform better. If you get injured or are too sore to exercise, fat loss will never happen.

If it will never happen, what’s the point then?

4. Technology To The Rescue

We’re trying to rely on technology to save us from fat loss. Technology alone won’t change years of behaviors or patterns of thinking towards food, fat loss and exercise. And the last time I checked, the number one app on the App Store was the game “Clash of Clan.” :-/

First we had “smart” tracking devices/wearables like FitBit or the Nike+ Fuel band to tell us whether we were moving or not. But get this, after a few months, users stop using the devices. They may continue to wear them, but they’re not engaged enough with the software to care what data, if any, is meaningful and practical to their life.

That’s $150 down the drain. That’s $150 sitting on your wrist not doing a damn thing.

If you’re going to gamble $150 away, at least give 24/7 Coach a chance – it’s less than a cup of coffee.

Here’s what these “smart” device companies fail to understand about humans: just because you know you don’t do XYZ are you all of a sudden motivated to do it.

That’s why this “smart” trend is a huge red flag. We’re becoming obsessed with tracking all our steps, calories, how often we sit/standtand sleep and yet, it’s not changing anything.

Come on Apple, are you sure you really want to get into this racket?

I just saw the prototype for a new “SmartPlate” that attempts to measure all the calories and nutritional value of food on the plate.

Silly Bears

Perfect example of aiming at the wrong target.

Oh you silly bears, numbers alone are not the answer.

Math is scary enough for most everyday people. Won’t more numbers just make our already spinning head spin out of control?

What’s next, a “SmartFork?” Or a “SmartCup” to tell us how many calories are in our alcohol, juice or coffee?

Or maybe a “SmartShirt” to tell us we’re 0.13% fatter today than a week ago?

All these devices are a joke.

Why bother making a product if it’s going to be shitty?

Why bother making a product if you don’t really care about your customer?

Why bother making a product if you don’t even have a proof of concept?

Seems odd to me.

Although the trend of “smart” technology is good for the bottom line of these companies, it’s failing to address the core problems of fat loss and the core problems humans face in the modern world.


There is only trained and untrained.


Saul Juan Antonio Cuautle
Founder & CEO

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