4 Reasons Exercise Makes Your Relationship Better

by Juan Antonio


Hannah:   Can you take off your shirt, ’cause I can’t stop thinking, and then you just…Fudge! Seriously? It’s like you’re Photoshopped.

Jacob:   Now you take off your dress.

Hannah:   No way. Not with all of that going on. No, thank you. Is there dim lighting somewhere?

Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)

Exercise can provide little nudges of positive infusion into any relationship. Be it with yourself, your coworkers, friends, family or your significant other.

Here are 4 reasons exercising helps build better romantic relationships.

1.  Training time is your sanctuary.

Stress is at an all-time high in our information-driven world. Exercising is the perfect sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Getting a good sweat can be the one thing you do everyday to release all the feel-good hormones.

If you can fight off the stress of the world, chances are you’ll be more calm, cool and collected when you arrive home to your significant other. Less stress in the home is always a good thing!

My training time is sacred. I put on my headphones, load up my Taylor Swift powersong and get to work.

For the next 30-60 minutes, the phone is on airplane mode and work at the office does not exist. The only thing that matters is getting my assigned training done. And doing it to the best of my abilities.


2.  Better sex.

It’s no secret exercise helps you look physically better. Less body fat and more lean muscle tends to be more appealing to most people.

Looking better also tends to lead to thinking better, feeling better and making better decisions.

You’ll be amazed how losing just a few inches off your waist or dropping a couple of dress sizes will skyrocket your confidence in the bedroom.

You’ll be more relaxed, you can try more advanced positions that require coordination and flexibility, and for all the guys out there – you’ll last longer too.

Come on, doesn’t that sound like a good thing? It’s the ultimate win-win-win scenario for anyone involved!

If you want to just look good naked and get meaningful results, let 24/7 Coach guide you there.

I do 24hr obstacle course races. I’m pretty sure I’m covered in the core, stamina and dealing with body cramps/dehydration departments.

3.  More frequent “date nights.”

Most couples have one or two “date nights” a month if they’re lucky.

Exercising together can be another way to sneak in a few more “dates” per week. When you invite your significant other to exercise together with you, you’re not just sharing the gift of energy, mental clarity and longevity, you’re opening the door for creating a deeper connection with the person you love.

Trust me, nothing will bond two people like going through a high intensity circuit training session, going for a run, or my personal favorite: a good old fashioned hike.

All those feel-good hormones running laps in your body make it easier to link happiness with the physical activity.

When you’re spending happy, quality-time with your significant other, that can only be a good thing.

I’m sorry, but a typical “movie night” can’t top that. #SorryNotSorry

My apologies, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t usually “workout” with anyone. And running with other people really isn’t my thing either.

Unless your name is Taylor Alison Swift, don’t bother.

I much prefer to be alone during this time. And to work on mastering superhero skills. 😉


4.  Seeing your partner with new eyes.

If you’ve been with your partner for more than three months, you know how easy it is to take things for granted.

Getting complacent in a relationship doesn’t lead to good things. Exercise is the one magical thing that can turn back time. Use it.

Ever notice that when your partner starts exercising, man, do they look good!?

They’ll walk by and you’re like, “Daaammmmmmmmm! She/he is fiiiiiiine!”

#NoFilter required here. 😉

You’re automatically more attracted to them because you see that kick in their step, you see their glistening skin, and that twinkle in their eye reminds you of the vibrant energy that drew you to them in the first place.

All the hard work they’re putting into their training quickly inspires and motivates you to try and be better. It’s the boomerang effect of two people trying to be better to bring out the best in each other.

That sounds like a winning relationship to me.


How does exercising make your relationship better? Let us know in the comment below! 

There is only trained and untrained.


Saul Juan Antonio Cuautle
Founder & CEO


Friends don’t let friends mindlessly “workout.” Friends help and support each other. Help your friends as they try to make positive changes in their life. Give them the gift of 24/7 Coach. If you know of anyone who may benefit from this content, please share it with them.


  1. Michael Govaerts says:

    The exercise & relationship article that you produced seems to correspond well with the evidence I have seen.

    Exercise is known to improve life satisfaction for most people, and happier people likely are happier with their relationships, This happiness boost also benefits those who interact with these people, as the research suggests that emotions are contagious, and positive emotions are typically more contagious than negative ones.

    In addition, shared activities seem to be crucial in strong relationships, and I believe the research suggests that the three most important aspects of attraction are: physical attraction, similarity, and proximity.

    Having a workout buddy in our partners seems to enhance all three of those areas, especially physical attraction. Exercise not only improves physical health, which enhances attraction through a hopefully improved appearance, but also, as I mentioned, through the typical exercise-induced mood boost. Research has reported that individuals consider those who are kind to be typically more attractive, and I would think happier people tend to find it easier to be kind.

    In addition, exercise and intimate relationships with others promote the release of both endorphins and pheromones, that likely serve to enhance relationships with others.

    For example, we have had research since at least 1974 to suggest that misattribution of arousal might also be a meaningful factor in the potential relationship enhancement of exercise:

    “More males contacted the female confederate when they had just walked down the suspension bridge, which was thought to be due to their misattribution of their arousal (they believed that they were feeling sexual arousal at the sight of the female instead of feeling the leftover physiological arousal from the fear of walking across the suspension bridge). This was interpreted by the researchers to mean that the men found the woman more attractive when they had more anxiety about crossing the bridge.” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misattribution_of_arousal#Results)

    Thanks for the learning opportunity, and I hope your readers benefit from the article, too.

    Please have a fantastic day 🙂

    • Michael,
      Thank you for your comments, I agree with what you have stated here and appreciate the time and effort in this wonderfully written response. Maybe We will need to have a guest star, for one of our pieces. Keep in touch and keep checking back, we have lots of new pieces coming out soon. Feel free to share with anyone whom you think will benefit. Also may we have your permission to share your comments with our readers? Our global reach is quite significant, last time our analysts checked this article had been accessed from over 200 countries globally, and think your comment deserves similar reach!

      -TEAM MOS

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