Fitness Questions & Actions 3: Adele feels just like you in the gym

by Juan Antonio 

In this edition of Fitness Questions & Actions, we address the “waist trainer” device, when you should change up your gym routine, Adele’s viral gym selfie and the idea of wanting to get fit, but hating the gym.

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  1. There is no question too big or too small.
  2. There are no silly questions. (but maybe some silly answers)

I’m thinking of getting a waist trainer – thoughts?


What are you trying to sell me?

Let’s see, a “waist trainer” is a corset-like device that reminds me of a modern straitjacket. Did you know corsets were a thing in the 1500s? Yeah, that was over 500 years ago…

All this straitjacket-for-your-waist does is put a very tight grip around your midsection, hips and back.


100% FALSE

People and companies are attempting to sell you this basic idea: wear this for X amount of time every day and over time, your body will “mold” itself into a slimmer figure.

How exactly will the body “mold” itself?

Being a scientist, I wasn’t aware the human body was capable of such a feat.

This “mold to a slim waist” sounds good, but it’s a complete lie. Again, whomever is telling you this “mold” BS is 100% lying to you.

The only way to shape your body is by a) stripping away body fat from muscles and b) lifting weights to create muscles.

I wonder how you heard about this? Something you saw on TV? Someone say something about it on Facebook perhaps?

Marketers ruin everything.

It didn’t take long, but a quick search showed me the two major culprits: 1) celebrities endorsing these straitjackets – come one now, you can’t believe everything the Kardashians say – and 2) “Instagram models” selling them…I mean, posting selfies of themselves in straitjackets…I mean, “waist trainers.”

I get it, you heard this straitjacket guarantees a “slimmer midsection” in “a few weeks without much effort” and it’s music to your ears – OMG! Just the magical device I’ve been waiting for! But just remember this:

Instagram is just the land where sex is used to sell product X. Ever heard of “product placement?” Yeah, company A paid “Instagram model” B or celebrity C to say they use it/love it.

With all likelihood, they don’t use this shit. 

You know what the worst part is?

They’re preying on your beliefs of what an “ideal” body image is for a woman – small waist, big hips, big boobs. Don’t let them feed you BS beliefs. There’s more life than an hourglass figure.

I think the real question you meant to ask was, “Should I try this device?”

If you care about your body and mind, the answer is NO.

This is as clear as I can make it ladies: “waist trainers” Do. Not. Work.

Do you know what happens when you wear this outdated 500-year-old contraption? You squish your lungs and ribs. Does that sound like body fat loss/muscle building to you?


Looks pretty crowded in there.

The sad part is, wearing this BS straitjacket on a long-term basis can lead to fainting, crushing your organs and fractured ribs. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a recipe for a shitty user experience.

Instant ninja technique: Suck in your stomach as far as you can and hold it for 1 minute and 13 seconds. I just saved you $20-75. Except this method actually engages the deepest levels of your abs, which the straitjacket, I mean, “waist trainer,” does not. When you’re done do a 1 minute plank to further engage your abs.

Unfortunately, once the 1:13 time is up, all the fat you sucked in will go right back to where you found it – no matter how long you suck in your stomach/wear a BS device. Please save your money and go walk for 30 minutes at a 15% incline – at least that’s part of long-term fat-loss plan.

How often should you change up your routine?

Short answer: every 6 weeks.

Long answer: it depends. What exactly is your current routine right now? Is it all weights, all cardio, yoga, a mix, or do you rely on an assortment of  gym classes to make up your “routine?”

These are important questions I hope you have the answers to.

A gym “routine” is nothing more than a way of saying, “I’m going to do XYZ when I (exercise/go to the gym?”

What’s your gym “routine” look like?

It’s an attempt to keep yourself accountable. The problem is, where did this “routine” come from – a buddy at work? From the latest Men’s Health magazine? From a “routine” you did back in college? Or from a workout you did with a personal trainer 3 years ago?

Your XYZ could be running or walking. If we go down this path, what speed are we talking? For how long? On an incline? Are we doing intervals?

If we’re talking about lifting weights, you don’t have to get fancy. Stick with a handful of compound exercises and master them. Instead of trying to change them up all the time, how about you do a few more reps on the next session, add a tad more weight or take away some of that rest period (also known as texting less between sets).

The most important thing about any fitness routine is that it’s geared towards getting you the results you seek. The reason so many people jump to change their “routine” is they stop getting meaningful results from it.

Getting poor results in the gym? Let 24/7 Coach do all the thinking in the gym for you. 

Instant ninja technique: First find a routine and stick to it for 6 weeks. If you’re around past 6 weeks, play with the intensity by changing the weight/reps/sets-speed/incline/distance or rest periods. This doesn’t have to get crazy complicated – just make it one nugget more difficult than before.

What do you think of Adele’s gym selfie? 

It’s the beginning of January; otherwise known as the first three weeks of the year where truck loads of people feel compelled to proclaim, “New Year, New Me!”

All this newness tends to revolve around the idea of changing of your body and oddly enough, not about changing the way you think, feel or view the world / people around you.

Instead of reflecting inwards, people tend to reflect outwards. The sad thing is, if people would spend more time on their inner game, the outer game would become easy.

If you starve yourself, take up running, CrossFit, bootcamps and start a new “diet,” how do you think you’re going to feel?

Absolutely fucking miserable that’s how.


Doesn’t Adele remind you of Pam?

Oh right, Adele.

Adele’s face is a picture perfect example of how 95% of all the gym patrons feel when starting their fitness goal: Pain! Work! Hard to breathe! Sweat coming down my face! 

I’m sure Adele’s picture gives plenty of people permission to bitch, whine, moan, and complain about “working out” and the gym. See, even Adele hates exercise! She’s just like me!

I don’t know how Adele feels about exercise, but her remark of “getting ready” makes it clear she finds value in it. Instead of focusing on the painful parts of it, she’s focused on doing it.

She’s about to embark on her next grand tour and wants to be as prepared for those demands as possible. Exercising and being reasonably fit will only help her during all those sold out performances.

And for the record, she’s doing a horizontal cable woodchop – one of the most user friendly exercises known to man.

Instant ninja technique: Save Adele’s picture or memorize it. The next time you find yourself wanting to quit the gym/exercise, remember her face. Bitch/whine/moan/complain for a minute and then go exercise anyway. I’m surprised no one is taking their own gym selfie and tweeting with #AdeleGetsMe.

I want to get fit, but I hate going to the gym, is there really no other way to get fit?

Okay friend, lots going on here.

First, tell me how you define “fit.” Some people imagine Brad Pitt in Fight Club, others imagine competing in the Boston marathon and some people just want to keep up with their kids without feeling like they’re about to pass out.

When you think “fit”, what does that mean for you? More importantly, are you willing to do all that’s necessary to get there?


I’ve been visiting commercial gyms more frequently as of late and this “Gym Wildlife” video is an accurate representation of what I’m seeing.

Someone who hasn’t been exposed to this environment can easily grow to hate it – especially when you’re paying money, getting poor results, getting injured and feeling like crap.

The question that matters is, do you really hate going to the gym or do you just think you hate going to the gym?

It’s an important question with distinctions. I went in depth on the latter question here.

Just like anything in life, what mindset you bring to the table can make all the difference. If you hate something, chances are you’ll find every excuse to avoid it.


But what if you told you the gym can be your safe haven?

It can be the one place on earth that serves as your outlet from all the BS work, life and people bring you.

Any place that can bring you closer to a calm mind and feeling full of life is worth the pursuit. Do whatever you have to do create your own safe haven.

If your gym is truly terrible, simply go to a park, track or start your own home gym. There are plenty of ways to get fit, but you have to spend some time figuring out why you want to be “fit” in the first place? Knowing that why is what will get you fit and keep you fit.

You don’t need a gym to get fit as much as you need willingness. And there’s really no way around hard work – I suggest you accept that sooner rather than later.

Instant ninja technique: Take one minute to define “fit” for yourself. Take another minute to decide why you want to be “fit” in the first place. Look at this everyday when you wake and go to sleep. Then start with nutrition instead of going to the gym. Simply eat more veggies/lean protein, less carbs and no drinks aside from water/tea/black coffee – that will get you pretty far.

There is only trained and untrained.

Saul Juan Antonio Cuautle
Founder & CEO

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