13 Legit Life Lessons From Taylor Swift That Can Change Your Life

by Juan Antonio

Two things. 1) Taylor Swift is a marketing genius. And 2) In case you were unaware, she kinda broke the internet this past Wednesday with a simple belly button flash.


Unlike #Batfleck, no one was petitioning against it. Instead, Reddit users ran wild with an epic meme battle. Unfortunately, my meme didn’t make the Huffington Post top 10 :-/

Okay, the internet and media love Taylor Swift. What the hell took you guys so long?…

What are some of the business/fitness lessons we can learn from her? I present 6.13 life lessons you can learn from Taylor Swift.

1. Only Produce The Highest Quality Product.

Taylor Swift takes two years to produce a record. She spends countless hours writing, re-writing, experimenting and working on her craft to produce over fifty songs for each record.

Come release time, she’s very selective in only picking the best 13 songs to share with the world. (And another killer handful for deluxe editions.)

Business savvy:  If you’re going to make a product, take the time, energy and effort to not just release any product, but to release the best product possible. Do the necessary research. Learn everything you can about your industry and competitors. Make a product that breaks the iTunes the f*cking store.

Our flagship product 24/7 Coach was created to start a revolution.

Why bother creating a “me-too” product? The world already has too many forgettable products. Worse yet, don’t fall into the Google Glass trap – a beautiful product that fails to solve a real problem. Don’t be a solution looking for a product.


Fitness savvy:  In the training room, your mind and your body are your product. What will you create?

If your body just looks “good” in the mirror but can’t run a mile in less than 7:13 or you can’t pull-up your own bodyweight, you probably still have some work to do. And if you still hear, or worse, find yourself saying those dreaded words, “I can’t”, then your mind still has work to do. Further refinement and polishing are required.

As Bruce Lee once said, “training your mind is a lifelong process.” Now that you know that, you might as well accept it and enjoy the process.

2. Let Early Success Breed More Success.

Taylor Swift could have taken it easy after her second album “Fearless” sold millions of copies and won the grammy for album of the year. She could have parked herself on some beach and drank pina coladas. But that’s not her style. She had too much creative energy to share.

Instead, she let that success challenge her to try new things. She toured the world relentlessly and spent more hours in the studio to try to her make next album even better. Was that even possible?

Let’s just say she pumped out three albums that were superb and considering her most recent album “1989” shattered records across the itunes stores/music industry, it’s safe to say she’s legit and values improving yourself and creating new things for people’s enjoyment. She reminds me of Christopher Nolan in that regard.

Business savvy:  If you acquire 1300 users or land a huge corporate account, pat yourself on the back, celebrate with a nice lunch, but don’t stop. Don’t sit on past success thinking it will last forever or that you’re all of a sudden a big deal. Don’t fall into that trap.

Instead, pull a Zuckerberg and go out and expand your market share. Be relentless.

How many more people can you help? How many more innovative products can you create? As Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have shown, innovation only stops when you stop.


Fitness savvy:  In the gym, don’t stop when you reach your goal to “lose 10lbs of body fat” or “run a half marathon.” You reached your first mountain top, now what? What will you work towards now? What will motivate you to keep going? Look beyond the mirror.

Can you learn advanced exercises? Can you run faster or with less injuries?

Continued success in the gym will come when you accept that success is fleeting and doesn’t matter as much as the process.

Enjoying to love the process is what will keep you coming back for more. The process will teach you that being fit is a lifestyle, not just something you do as a “New Years resolution”or only when beach season rolls around.

3. Keep Your Ear to the Ground.

Taylor Swift makes it a point to find out what her fans are doing, thinking and saying. She’s all about her fans. She follows them on social media, comments on their blogs and takes the time to chat with them on the streets.

Who does that? She does. She actually cares about her fans. She’s taken caring to a new level that won’t be unmatched anytime soon.

Business savvy:  How’s your relationship with your clients and customers? Are you actually listening to their concerns? How will you respond to those concerns? What can you do to show that you care more than anyone else?

I think we can all raise the bar on customer service. I say do everything you can to do what’s best for your customer. If that means going over six minutes for a scheduled 60 minute appointment, then go over. If that means responding back to emails at 11PM, respond back.

And if the last time you sent out a handwritten thank you note was in the third grade, please, do yourself a favor and send one out today. It’s the little things that go a long way to making an impact and making you more memorable.

Fitness savvy:  When you’re training, listen to your body. If you listen closely, you’ll notice it’s telling you things or trying to tell you things.

Having headaches every other day? That’s not normal. Constantly low on energy and can barely get out of bed? Something is up. Experiencing excessive muscle soreness and tightness? That’s. Not. Normal. Lower back killing you? Find out what’s going on!

The clues are there if you look for them. Take two minutes prior to starting your training session to lay on your back, close your eyes and scan your body from head to toe. What do you notice? What do you feel? What can you do to honor your body today?


4. Abandon Your Comfort Zone.

Taylor Swift was dominating the country charts for six continuous years. She confidently left it to try something completely new and different in the form or a 100% pop album “1989.” She didn’t listen to the naysayers saying it was a mistake or she had no experience. No, she listened to her gut and trusted her skills.

(If you don’t have “1989”, WTH? What are you waiting for? Trust me, a) you’ll be a better person for listening to it and b) it will never be on Spotify. :-P )

Business savvy:  If you notoriously avoid calling customers on the phone – FYI texting does not count – or meeting them one-on-one, do it. Do it ASAP.

If you know nothing about running a successful business, pick up a book or learn from a master like two time “Inc. 5000” Greg Tapper’s by taking his stellar entrepreneur course. Know nothing about Facebook ads? Then learn about them. In the age of Google, almost everything is at your fingertips if you’re willing to take a chance to find out more.

The only excuses in a digital age, are the ones you come up with. What if the one new skill you try your hand at is the one that leads you to more customers? What if taking a calculated risk leads to your breakthrough?



Fitness savvy:  With your exercise and training plan, this is what will lead you far and wide: make it a point to do the thing you fear. Don’t think, just do it. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You’re human and being afraid is normal. But you have the power to look fear in the eye and say, “F*CK YOU. You won’t stop me. I will live my dreams, not my fears.”

Have faith in yourself and what you’re doing. Never lifted weighted before? Ask a friend you trust who lifts religiously, ask a qualified coach or start by reading this fantastic book: Strength Training Anatomy cover to cover. If you live in your comfort zone, you’ll never get meaningful results. Worse yet, you’ll never inspire yourself to do and be more.

5. Work Harder Than Anyone Else.

Taylor Swift, without question, is one of the hardest working people in music and entertainment. I’m pretty sure she’s the Gary Vaynerchuk of her industry.

She’s involved in all aspects of her brand – from composing the lyrics to her songs, to producing the albums, to the imagery, to hand picking the backup dancers, to mapping out the music videos and helping design the tour layouts.

Show me someone who works harder and I’ll listen to learn more.

Business savvy:  If you’re the head of your business, do everything you can to make it worthwhile for your customers. What can you do to ensure they’ll come back?

Don’t ever complain because you asked for his by starting a business. Just work harder to create the best business you can. This is your business. Who knows how to run it better, you who breathes it and lives it 24/7, 365-days-a-year, or some piss-ant MBA wannabee-entrepreneur who thinks a fancy education is enough to create an innovative and sustainable business?

Trust yourself.


Fitness savvy:  If you’re not getting results in the gym, 8 out of 10 times, it’s because you’re not working hard enough. It’s that simple.

I don’t care how many Zumba classes per week you attend. It will NEVER on planet Earth get better strength & conditioning results than deadlifting, squatting, rowing, swimming or running uphill. Never.

Take five minutes on a lazy Sunday to honestly audit your training for the week. How many quality, moderate-to-high-intensity hours of work did you put in? How many hours did you put in last week? What about the week before? Why you get quality results or don’t is found in your training history.

Results from training are never an accident. It’s premeditated partner.

6. Be Driven By Passion, Not Money.

It’s abundantly clear Taylor Swift loves every single thing about music, storytelling and people. She’s been working on her craft for years. YEARS. Exhibit A of the grind.

If you think she just magically became the #1 pop star on the planet through a couple of music videos or #1 hits, I’m sorry, but you might want to study some Taylor Swift history.

She worked hard for years with the hopes of connecting with people through music and storytelling. With so much passion oozing from her for so long, is it really any wonder she’s loved the world over?

This isn’t rocket science, it’s called brand loyalty ala Apple and In N’ Out.

If she can get police officers to lose their minds and the President to bust a move, I’m pretty sure even Kryptonians would rock out to “Shake It Off.”

Business savvy:  Be honest about the business you’re in: are you really doing what you love?

Yes = great, keep doing it.

No = then for christ sake, please, find. what. you. love. Look for it until you find it.

If you have to travel the world over like a nomad to get your mind right, then that’s what you have to do.

Look for more or settle for less, the choice is yours.

If you have to leave that high-paying, but soul-sucking job to find what truly motivates you, then do it.

If you have to work shitty jobs for years, while you earn your big break, do it.


There are too many people out there that need your help. It would be a crime if you didn’t make an effort to help them. Your passion will carry you through all the bullshit, all the disappointment, and all the people that stand in your way, or fail to offer a helping hand.

Remember, it’s not their dream or vision, it’s yours.

If you love it, your dedication and determination to be successful will shine through in how careful and precise you are with your chosen craft.

If nothing else, it will make the initial stages easier when money may not be coming through the doors yet.

Keep your eye on the vision and big picture: how can what you’re doing connect with people in their mind and hearts?

Create something people want and they’ll be climbing over each other to give you their money. The money will always come if passion comes first. But no passion will always yield chump change.

Fitness savvy:  In the gym, passion doesn’t find you, you find it.

You find it by showing up again and again (and again). You show up late. You show up early. You show up on your birthday. You show when no else is on the training floor.

Have a crappy run? So what, press reset and try again in a couple of days.

Not getting results from TRX? Then pivot and give pilates and yoga a try?

All those bootcamps not bringing results? Then stop doing them and give running, uphill walking and swimming a try.


You don’t become a master of your craft by looking for infomercial results. They’ll only come when you accept the fact that hard work is necessary to creating anything truly meaningful. If you’re looking for shortcuts stick to video games.

Embrace truth: the process of changing your body and mind will take some time. Learn to love it. Have fun with. And work with time, not against it.

Whether it takes three months, one year, ten years is all on you. This is your life. This is your body. If you don’t care for it who will?

The sooner you start loving the process, the sooner you too can become a master of your domain.

What valuable lesson has Taylor Swift taught you? Let us know in the comment below! And you’re free to tweet this to her. 😉 Long live #13forTaylor.

There is only trained and untrained.


Saul Juan Antonio Cuautle
Founder & CEO

Published author of “A Superstar Love Story: Powering Through the Friend Zone.”

Friends don’t let friends mindlessly “workout.” Friends help and support each other. Help your friends as they try to make positive changes in their life. Give them the gift of 24/7 Coach. If you know of anyone who may benefit from this content, please share it with them.

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