Long Live #RozelleStrong: How One Man Beat Cancer Through Selfies and Happyness

by Juan Antonio 


Probably the #1 SF Giants fan of all-time. Photo courtesy of Carl Martin

You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live. – Stuart Scott

On April 6, 2015, my friend Brian Rozelle passed away. He lost his fight to bile duct cancer.

That sonuva bitch – he never complained. Not once. He never felt sorry for himself. And he didn’t even lose any hair despite undergoing 21+ rounds of chemotherapy! How the hell did he do that?

Looking back at the first time I met him, I’m reminded of his rockstar hair. He wasn’t the tall, dark and handsome type; he was more than that. When you talked to him, he had a way of making you feel special, like you’d been friends all your life. I loved that about him.

I’m listening to Brian’s self-assigned “fight song” – “Sail” by Awolnation – as I write this. I never asked him why he chose that song. I wonder if it’s because of the sick beats, the amazing Nine Inch Nails-like production or because of the introspective and juxtaposing lyrics? What no one can deny is how cool the song is.

Likewise, if you asked a room full of Brian’s friends to describe him in one word, I’m certain “cool” would be a top contender. You want to know something super cool I just discovered about his fight song? I can feel him in the song. He lives, breathes and screams there. How fitting that someone had the foresight to create a 60 minute long version on Youtube for me. I wonder if the endless looping would make him happy or drive him mad?

As I scroll through my text messages with him over the last couple of years or think about our last dozen conversations, you know what blows my mind? Cancer can get pretty ugly – downright, fucking nasty. Yet, Brian and I rarely talked about any of that stuff. It wasn’t the focus of our conversations.

What I love about Brian is how he chose to fight his cancer. He didn’t start a cancer blog. He didn’t share his suffering or even tell us of the endless chemo treatments. Instead, he lived his life like a fucking rockstar. He made his family, friends and having fun the focus of his life.

One of his mantra’s during his three-year fight with cancer was, “Smile, life is just awesome!” Isn’t that something a rockstar would say?

This original tribute spawned the book Long Live. Read about Brian’s journey here:

Do Brian a favor and share his story. People need to know about his journey.

#fCancer #LifeIsGood


Saul Juan Antonio Cuautle
Founder & CEO


  1. Wow what a story. You are right, everyone needs to hear about this awesome guy! Reading it made me wish that I had known him. He sounds like a great guy and a great friend. So sorry for your loss, but it appears as if he left quite a legacy behind. #RozelleStrong

    • MOStraining says:

      Hey Jordan. Thanks for the feedback – much appreciated. Crafting the story was a labor of love. We’re doing everything we can to get his story out there. Well, you can know him now. Correct – a great guy good to the bone. I’m crafting something now to continue to his legacy…just watch for my sign 🙂 Take care – JA

    • MOStraining says:

      P.S. Hey @jordanring:disqus: http://amzn.to/1UIXpYJ Boom. From article to book. Happy reading good sir.


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