The Bullshit Fitness Newsletter Dilemma

by Juan Antonio

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Reader,

I thought long and hard about starting a fitness newsletter/blog. For the longest time I was against it – not ANOTHER fitness newsletter/blog. I hesitated starting one simply because of what happened five months ago.

What happened five months ago?

I signed up to 25 different fitness/nutrition newsletters from various fitness/nutrition professionals/websites. Do you know what happened? EVERY SINGLE NEWSLETTER PRACTICALLY EMAILED ME EVERY OTHER DAY. A handful of newsletters had the audacity to email me two to three times a day!? WTF. Its ridiculous. Even more ridiculous, I actually speed read through the emails to see what they had to say.  

A couple of newsletters were informative/entertaining, a handful were tolerable, but by and large, most were piss poor, sub-par or of average quality in terms of content. Even worse, pretty much every single newsletter was really emailing me to sell me something. After all the advice or “tip of the day” was said and done, the newsletters were angling themselves to pitch me their product or service.

Have you ever had someone try to sell you on something? Yeah, it’s insanely annoying.

“Top flat belly food” as a new blog post? Seriously dude? 100% pure bullsh*t is what I say.  

“NEW INFO PRODUCT!!! 21 day fat incinerator ebook program!!!”

“New Year Resolution personal training packages – 65% off!!!”

“Join the XYZ bootcamp for 30 days for just $1!!!”

I think a first grader can sniff out that all these newsletters want you to buy something. Maybe all those excessive exclamation points are a clue? But even the well written newsletters try to sneak in a sales pitch. In the fitness world, it really takes a keen eye to see the quality through the sleeze.

I read a lot. And I read tons of quality books about fitness and nutrition. But either you’re marketing your product/services or you’re giving quality content. It’s hard to do both. Unfortunately, most fitness professionals on the internet are choosing the former.

I can’t stand the blatant lying and tendency to just make sh*t up. If I ever stoop that low, please, someone shoot me and put me out of my misery, because I’ve gone off the rails and have nothing better to do with me time.

This is my pledge to you: the Bring Back Newsletter is not a newsletter. It’s going to be a series of THINK PIECES. The content is not designed to sell you anything. When you find us focusing the majority of our efforts on selling you on X, Y, Z, please call us out on our BS and we’ll commit ourselves to rehab or an appropriate therapist. Our think pieces will have three main domains we’ll be talking about:

1) strategic fitness nutrition

2) training – physical, mental, emotional

3) a genuine passion for all things fitness.

Informative? Check. 

Entertaining? Trying. 

Practical? Aiming for it. 

Sleezy sales pitches and marketing-disguised-as-content? F*ck no. Not here. Not ever.

Change begins with the little things. Change begins here. Change begins with me. 

Train for You, Train for Life

Saul Juan Antonio Cuautle
Founder & CEO


  1. I can’t wait to read more!

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