The Zuckerberg Approach to Achieving Your Fitness Goal

by Juan Antonio

Do you know what the two busiest times of the year are for gyms?

If you said, January 1st through Martin Luther King Jr. Day or the week following Memorial Day through June, you’re right.

For some mythical reason, people think these three and four week windows are enough time to “lose 25 pounds,” to “be lean”,or to “get a six-pack.”

If exercise physiology says the maximum amount of body fat 98% humans can lose per week is 2lbs, why do so many people think 3-4 weeks are enough time to reach their fat loss goals?

Easy Body Fat Math

(-2lbs of fat) x (3 weeks) = -6lbs lost in 3 weeks**

(-2lbs of fat) x (4 weeks) = -8lbs lost in 4 weeks**

**assuming a great nutrition plan, great cardio plan and great resistance training plan are in place and followed 85% of the time. Let 24/7 Coach do the thinking for you.

All of those gyms, workouts and trainers promising you’ll “lose 25 pounds in 6 weeks” are lying to you.

(-2lbs x 6wks = -12lbs)

It’s simply not going to happen for most people.

The Zuckerberg Approach

Every year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg endeavors on one goal to focus on for the entire year.

This year, his “annual self-improvement challenge” is to read a book every two weeks (he crowdsourced ideas from Facebook users). Previous challenges have included:

2009: Wear a tie to work every day.

2010: Learn Mandarin.

2011: Only eat animals he kills himself.

2012: Code every day.

2013: Meet a new person outside of Facebook every day.

2014: Write one thoughtful thank-you note every day

I gotta give it to Zuckerberg, he has a keen eye for achieving goals. The sure fire way to increase your probability for success is to focus on one thing at a time.

Just one.

When it comes to fitness, what’s your self-improvement challenge? (aka your primary goal)

It is to lose body fat, build lean muscle, get stronger, or run a marathon?

I know what you’re thinking – “I want all that AND I want to rehab my knee!

Notice how that goes against “The Zuckerberg Law of Success” of just focusing on one thing. Zuckerberg didn’t try to learn Mandarin, Italian and French – he focused solely on Mandarin.

Do yourself a favor and take a lead from Zuckerberg: narrow down your goal to one primary thing and give that your 100% focus.

Trust me, prioritizing your main goal is the simplest thing you can do to achieve it. Pick one. Just one. And attack it with gusto.

Another takeaway from “The Zuckerberg Law of Success” is to dedicate one full year towards your goal.

That means you give yourself 365 days to (ie) focus on losing 25 pounds of fat. I can promise you you’ll be closer to your fat loss goal if you give yourself 365 days instead of 60 days.

Chances are you’ll be less stressed, happier and get this, you’ll actually keep the fat off. All that sounds like a win, win, win scenario to me.

See It Through

My favorite Zuckerberg quote.


Here’s what Zuckerberg had to say about his annual challenges, “I think a lot of building something is just about kind of seeing things through. And so I try to pick things that are going to be hard for me to do.”

Read that first sentence everyday until you memorize it.

That line and my favorite Zuckerberg quote is what helped bring 24/7 Coach to life.

If you’ve ever tried to lose body fat or build lean muscle, you know it’s crazy hard. Don’t make it harder.

Instead of giving yourself some unrealistic, super short timeframe for losing fat, being “lean” or “getting a six pack,” how about you give yourself one full year and just see it through?

I know that sounds “like a long time”, but is it really?

A year is going to go by so quick you’ll wonder where all the time went (hint: all those The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and House of Cards marathons quickly add up).

The biggest reason I see people miss out on their fitness goals is because they don’t see it through. They see fat loss as a “New Years Resolution” thing (AKA just do it for January) or a right-before-summer-starts thing.

All that time pressure is unnecessary and only serves to stacks the odds against you.

Throw that whole “beach body” crap out the window and give yourself a legitimate chance to succeed. You owe it to yourself.

If you’re serious about reaching your fitness goal once and for all, do these three things:

1) narrow down your fitness goal to something specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound

2) give yourself one full year of serious dedication

3) ensure every training session you do is geared towards your goal.

You handle #2 and 24/7 Coach can help guide you through #1 and 3.

Just remember this: Zuckerberg is a smart guy and even he can’t learn Mandarin in 4 weeks.

If you’re trying to dramatically change your body in 4 weeks, it’s like you’re trying to learn Italian, French and Mandarin. YIKES.

There is only trained and untrained.

Saul Juan Antonio Cuautle
Founder & CEO

Friends don’t let friends mindlessly “workout.” Friends help and support each other. Help your friends as they try to make positive changes in their life. Give them the gift of 24/7 Coach. If you know of anyone who may benefit from this content, please share it with them.


  1. Great advice on setting goals! I like the Zuckerberg comparison. He definitely has a good approach to goal setting and accomplishing goals!

    • MOStraining says:

      Hey Jordan. Thanks for the feedback. We agree 100%. If we could all be a little bit more Zuckerberg-like, we’d be a closer to dominating goals!

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