To Wake Or Not To Wake? (6 Tricks That Get Me Into The Gym)

by Alyssa Glidewell

I shall get up early and go to the gym.”

How many of us had this thought right before going to bed? Good thought huh!? You even got your workout clothes ready and set your alarm too.  You went to sleep and life was good. Until you woke up in the morning and this happened:

Brain: It’s too early for you. 

Me: You’re right – I’mma hit this snooze button.

Brain: Still too early girlfriend. And it’s cold!

Me: Ugh. You know I hate the cold. Just one more snooze button.

Brain: Wake up girl, I’m still sleepy, but it’s almost noon and I’m hungry.

Me: Oh my, we haven’t eating since last night!

So much for waking up in the morning. Ugh! Why can’t you get up when you were supposed too?

Is the bed is too comfy? Yes.

Are the covers just perfect around you? Yes.

Are you snuggled in the optimal rest position? Yes. 

Does your body say wake up, but your brain is like, “Nope. Not today.”? Yes.

 If you said yes to any of these… Well I hear ya!


Waking up is one of the hardest things to do in the morning. I mean, why wake up for a training session when you can stay in your bed and keep dreaming your lovely dreams away?

For me, training in the morning is the best option because 1) You get it out of your way early, 2) It jump starts you into your day, instead of waiting for coffee to kick in and 3) life gets so busy throughout the day that I end up missing/skipping/wanting to pass on my training sessions.

I don’t know too many people who are naturally a “morning person.” I’m convinced they only exist in high school and college because they have to get up early. But what about the rest of us who want to start or who are struggling to wake up to get our training going?

Here are six tips that help me get my training sessions going in the morning.

1.Put your phone/alarm across the room.

Seriously! This helps A LOT. If your alarm is too close to you, then it’s super easy to hit the snooze button and that’s not what we want. Put your phone/alarm on your dresser/table/whatever you can find across the room. It forces your body to get moving by physically getting you out of the bed to turn it off.

Sidenote: Have a sound that works for you when waking up. If an annoying, loud, barking noise gets you up, than good for you. For me however, I don’t do well with those type of noises. They can create an instant headache for me and just ruin my morning. And a ruined morning can lead to a ruined day. I have a loud ringer, but the alarm is more gentle to my ears and brain.

2. Make your bed first.

Since you got up to turn off the alarm, you might as well fight off all that sleepiness and make the bed. This small trigger tells your brain that sleeping time is over and you’re ready to get a start to the day.

post2 (1)

Trust me, this works everytime! I fight with my brain on this one all the time, but once my bed is made, I don’t want to sleep in it anymore – it just looks too pretty. 🙂

3. Stretch those muscles.

Still feeling sleepy? Stretch the muscles out. They will definitely feel tight, but once your body gets moving, everything starts to turn on slowly and your brain is getting the feedback of needing to function to perform work.

Stay away from any floor stretches as your brain will trick you into laying on your back and then falling asleep. (This as happened to me plenty of times. And Juan Antonio admits to being caught by this brain trap.)

Move your arms, do some lunge stretches and throw in some downward dogs – that will definitely get your heart pumping a bit.

4. Enter some fresh air.

Another great way to wake up is when I open a small crack in my window to smell the fresh air. I’ve always loved the early morning air. And something about it makes me want to get out into the world and enjoy more of it.

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony or backyard, definitely go there! Even if just for a minute, you’ll be surprised how that one minute saved you from the deadly snooze button.


Now, depending on where you live, this one may/may not work. On too many occasions, I’ve smelled the garbage cans on trash day. Sure those smells woke me up, but it was all, “Yuck!”

5. Turn up some uplifting music. 

No classical, R&B or anything slow!! Trust me, you’ll miss the gym, be late to work and wonder why you’re starring in John Legend’s “All of Me” video.

Pick some music that makes you want to dance or puts you in an energetic, good mood. I have a variety of music that I listen too, so it could be anything from Top 40’s, reggaeton, dubstep, rave, radio mixes and trance for me! Make the music your anthem in the morning and it will instantly pump you up for the day.

Sidenote: I heard Neil wakes up to Taylor Swift. If “Shake It Off” or “Style” is what’s getting him into the gym at 5AM, then obviously keep waking up to Taylor Swift!

And I can’t officially confirm it, but I heard that Juan Antonio also wakes up to Taylor Swift. Specifically “Clean.” That’s so slow JA! How “Clean” helps him get up at the ungodly hours of 230AM, 330AM or 430AM is mystery to me.

6. Schedule and repeat.

Repetition helps your body wake up naturally over time, so the more you practice the schedule you set, the more easier it becomes.

Try this trick: wake up 15 minutes earlier than you normally do. One week it’s 7:45AM (instead of 8AM), the following week it’s 7:3AM and before you know it, you’re at 7AM! Get to your desired wake up time slot and then simply practice, practice and practice. The more you hit your desired target, the easier it will be to get up.

Sidenote: Schedule something fun or go on adventure so it will get you excited to wake up early and go! I get excited when I have something to look forward too in the morning.

I never found the gym super exciting, but whenever I see new training routines from Juan Antonio to try, I’m like, “OMG! I can totally kill that incline run!” or “Psssh. Those weights & reps are going to be a piece of cake.”

Yes, going to the gym is now an adventure for me and when I look at it as an adventure and challenge to try, it’s so much fun!

24/7 Coach was created to to make the gym fun again. It’s filled endless adventures and challenges to get you the results you want.

These are just a few helpful tips that I’ve found to really work for me and several other people. You’re free to give all my tricks a try.

Everyone has off days, but make sure your off day doesn’t turn into an off week – this can happen so easily! Even on the weekend, it may be harder but TRY, TRY, TRY to get up like you would normally do on the weekdays.

Everyone is different, has different schedules and lifestyles, but find one that works for you and how you live. Everything takes time. It’s my hope that with a little experimenting and practice, you’ll find something that works with you. I hope some of my tricks help.

What helps you wake up in the morning? I’d love to hear it and give it a try. You can never have too many tricks in your toolbox!

Train, love and live.


Alyssa “Pinky” Glidewell
Creative Director

Friends don’t let friends mindlessly “workout.” Friends help and support each other. Help your friends as they try to make positive changes in their life. Give them the gift of 24/7 Coach. If you know of anyone who may benefit from this content, please share it with them.


  1. Lynnei Seto-Cuautle says:

    I get up at 3am 4-5 time a week to go to the gym. I’ve only been doing it for 6 or so weeks but it has been so good for me! Unfortunately at that time I can’t play music or make the bed (hubby still sleeping and usually the kiddo has joined us at that time). I actually change into my gym clothes before bed. Weird I know but it’s what I gotta do. Then I just jump up and go straight to the bathroom where I turn on the eye searing, bright light. I also make sure I brush my teeth right away. It seems to trick my brain into thinking its a normal time of day lol. Some mornings are harder than others but I feel so much better since I’ve switched to going in the mornings.

  2. MOStraining says:

    Hi Lynnei! Apologies, this slipped past us! LOVE YOUR 3 TIPS! I’m def a fan of the pre-dress/bright lights/just brush teeth combo. I’d also have you try: drink one full glass of water by upon wake up. Thanks for these – let’s just say you’ll see them again in the future…and you also inspired a future think piece 😉 Good luck & keep going – it’s quite amazing what you’re doing!

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