Why Does A Gym Exist and Should I Join One?

by Juan Antonio

With spring in the air, one question people keep asking me is, “How do I pick a gym?”


If this is you, listen up.

And if you already belong to a gym, you might want to buckle up your seatbelt.

Not getting results you want from the gym? 24/7 Coach was designed to maximize your gym experience. 

Only Two Factors Matter

The most important things you need to consider when joining a gym:

1) Is it close to home or is it close to work?

2) Are you actually going to use it?

That’s it.

If you’re gym is within 4.13 miles of home or work, you’ll be 85% more likely to use it. The further and further your gym is, the less and less you’re going to use it.

You can have the nicest, most “luxurious” gym in the world, but if it’s 40 minutes away from home or work, you better have a damn good reason for joining that gym because that reason will be what motivates you to make that 40 minute drive there and back.

And eight out of ten times, low energy, being hungry and sitting in pain-in-the-ass traffic will win out over seeing “hot chicks” in tight yoga pants and a sauna/steam room any day of the week. You can count on that like you can count on death and taxes.

Be honest with yourself: Are you actually going to use the gym?

Because if you’re not, STOP WASTING MONEY.

If you’re going to just throw away your hard earned money, don’t give it to some soulless, shitty gym chain, give it to kids in needs.

St. Jude is happy to help you help the kids.

If your gym has yoga, pilates, spin, or Crossfit classes, but all you want do is hop on the treadmill, you might want to consider your local track or park.

The last time I checked, running was free.

And if you don’t even know how to use free weights or are afraid of touching weights, what’s the point of having access to every single machine, dumbbell and barbell and kettlebell available?

At least let 24/7 Coach teach you the lifting fundamentals.


Gyms Rent Out Access

Here’s the most important thing to remember: a gym simply provides access.

Access to equipment, access to group classes and access to fitness trainers. You pay them a fee – from $25 to $250 a month – for access to their particular location and what they have inside that location.

Like a typical landlord, their main focus is, “Did you pay your rent on time?” Known here as, are your monthly gym dues current or did you buy a personal training package?

Please be forewarned: access to a gym is not going to be enough for most people.

There are more gyms across the world than ever before in human history, and yet, the world is only getting fatter and fatter…and fatter. WTF is going on?

More gyms is not the solution.

It’s your responsibility to maximize that access. Write that down.

Be On Guard

One more thing. I just tagged along with a friend of mine that was thinking of joining his gym close to work. Here are two observations from that experience I want to you to be mindful of.

When joining a gym, the first thing you’re going to encounter is all the pretty faces at the front desk. That’s no accident. You know how they use models to sell beer?

Well, pretty faces make a gym seem more inviting. And if you’re stepping into a gym for the first time or after a long absence (anything over a year is long in my book), chances are you’re freaking out. Pretty faces soothe your mind from freaking out. But also disarm your guard. And your wallet.

Here’s where they really try to get you: the Sales Rep.

I’m not going to say all gym sales reps are sleazy, but they definitely tend to be salesy – an adjective for someone who is a cheesy, aggressive and superficial of whatever product or service they are pitching. (Thanks urban dictionary.)

They can call themselves “Membership Representatives” all they want, but make no mistake, they’re trying to sell you a gym membership and personal training.

Do you really think sales of smoothies and t-shirts are enough to keep all those lights on?

Hell no.

The two major sources of revenue for 98% of gyms are monthly memberships and personal training. Interesting.

Ever notice how convenient it is that most gym memberships are billed automatically on a monthly/annual basis?

AND you get penalized for ending your membership before a year is up. Worse yet, some gyms even require a “sign-up fee” to join their “health club.”

What a joke.


Bullshit Job Titles

Do you know what that sign-up fee is going towards?

I’ll give you a hint: most sales reps earn most of their salary just like Matthew McConaughey in The Wolf of Wall Street.


You better believe your sign-up fees are going directly towards their monthly, quarterly and annual bonuses.

Say what you want about Gold’s Gym, but at least they’re upfront with you. They call all their sales reps, “Gold’s Gym Sales Representative”, not some bullshit title like “Membership Advisor.”

What’s next, “Senior Membership Advisor?” Or maybe “Membership Consultant?”

Please, cut the crap and just be upfront and direct. People will respect you more.

Results & Philosophy Matter

If your Sales Rep for gym X is fat, RUN.

Run as fast as you fucking can out the door. Run as far away from that shitty gym as you can because that gym doesn’t give two shits about the product they’re selling.

You want to know a fun fact about sales reps?

These guys and gals have access to every single personal trainer on that gym’s roster. For the most part, they get FREE PERSONAL TRAINING!

All that FREE personal training and no results, what does that tell you?

I knew this Sales Rep that was being trained by SIX personal trainers. Nine months later, she looked as big and chunky as the first day I met her. (I’m lying, she was actually chunkier.)


You’d get fired in any other job on the planet after 90 days of producing no results.

Either all those trainers are bozos, the training-nutrition plan that Sales Rep was on was terrible or both.

I’m a firm believer that the Sales Reps and fitness staff is a direct reflection of the philosophy that gym X lives by.

If your gym has shitty trainers and out-of-shape Sales Reps, you might as well take a page from Homer Simpson’s playbook and veg out on the couch. because you’ll get no meaningful results from that shitty gym.


An Investment In Your Health

Shitty trainers and out-of-shape Sales Reps are a flaring red flag. It’s an indicator of what gym X’s real goal is: making money off you.

Selling you on recurring monthly memberships, selling you on personal training sessions, or selling you on the illusion of “we’re not a gym, we’re a ‘health club.’”

You can call yourself a “wellness center” or “health club” all you want, but if you have treadmills and weights all around, you’re a fucking gym.

Here’s a radical idea: how about a gym sells you on getting results?

Give me any gym – 24hr Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Equinox, Orange Theory, Crossfit, Bally’s, Curves (although I’m pretty sure they’ve long gone under), a hotel gym or a basement apartment gym and I’ll get you the same fat loss and lean muscle results.

Do you know why?

Because I have a simple and effective training system that produces consistent results. If it’s working, why would I change the recipe?

You don’t see Facebook changing it’s fundamental features.

I don’t need anything gimmicky or anything fancy to get people into peak physical condition.

Any coach worth getting paid, can adjust and adapt to the given parameters of a gym (space available, equipment, other shitty trainers in your space etc.) to deliver results.

Getting people results are all that better.

You’re paying your hard earned money to join and go to a gym. It’s suppose to be an investment in your mind, body and health – you want to look better, feel better and/or perform better.

A gym does not exist for picking up chicks or getting picked up. And call me crazy, but it probably doesn’t exist for starting a selfie collection either.


Choose wisely. You’re results will be linked to your choice.


There is only trained and untrained.


Saul Juan Antonio Cuautle
Founder & CEO

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